How Rutter Reduced Log Volume by over 80% With No Manual Effort

Rutter is an unified API solution for commerce that powers some of the world's leading B2B fintech companies like Mercury and Airwallex. These companies rely on Rutter for expedite global payments through high quality ready made integrations.


  • $8000+ saved in monthly costs (+70% of log costs)
  • No changes in existing monitoring or dashboards
  • Automatic log attribute normalization to better detect issues


Rutter's rapid success resulted in a steady surge of log volume which complicated analysis and dramatically escalated costs. The team wanted to continue using Datadog but wanted better operational efficiency without compromising on observability.


Rutter moved forward with Nimbus due to ease of integration and its ability to reduce log volume in real time without dropping data. The initial integration took less than a week and they were able to see the difference immediately - an 83% drop in indexed log volume.

To ensure that no existing monitors or dashboards were impacted, Nimbus did a full account audit before applying any optimization. This combined with Nimbus's Transform Previews, a feature that lets customers preview the result of an optimization before applying them in production, gave Rutter the confidence to deploy knowing that none of there existing processes would be impacted.


After deploying Nimbus, Rutter was able to realize over 70% cost savings of their monthly logging cost (+$8000/month). They were also able to improve the quality of their logs - Nimbus automatically normalizes log levels from a variety of sources and was able to correctly classify a large portion of logs that did not have their status field mapped correctly in Datadog. This made it easier to correlate errors and make use of advanced datadog functionality like watchdog alerts. All this was done with zero manual effort from developers or impacting a single monitor or dashboard